The Art of Reversing Digression


Assalamu-laikum STANDers!

This obviously is our new blog! I have been an avid blogger for years, but have used it strictly for personal use, and not for a specific cause with an organization. Some of you may be thinking that I was against doing something like this in the past, and well, you may be right. I have never advocated against the use of blogs in the political arena, but instead have expressed my concern that they are often used as a crutch or an excuse for not actually getting out of your computer chair and taking some kind of action. Although I still believe this to be true, I think this blog will be beneficial to STAND at UNCC.

My aspirations in starting this blog is for it to serve as a source of information if you missed a meeting, news updates, updates on STAND as a national organization(new campaigns, conferences, opportunities), and an outlet for any of YOU to express opinions or thoughts relating to genocide, activism, etc. I feel as if we have somewhat deflated and digressed since our Rock for Darfur concert, and now is the time to pick up steam and move forward. My hope is that through this blog we will all feel more of a sense of community within our organization, which will then lead to a loyalty and a motivation to be an active participant. I do not want to be the only contributor to this blog, as I would love for you guys to join me in this project! It will also give me a chance to post pictures, videos, and other fun stuff. Feel free to give me feedback at any time on my posts.

So jumping right in:

Now is the time for STAND to go through a few changes and transitions. We have been in existence at UNCC for a year now, and I am proud to say that we are one of the most active and successful STAND clubs in NC! But, on the downside, we have had a problem with attendance and participation, which has definitely weakened and demoralized us as of late. Although I know(and am guilty of all the time) life gets to be too much sometimes and it is easy to not follow through with things you really wanted or meant to do, flaking out consistently is really holding us back right now. Christa and myself have high expectations for STAND, and have devoted a large part of our lives to this cause. We want all of you to have the same kind of passion and sacrifice, because STAND will not live on after we leave without out it. My desire this semester is to have a core group of students committed to STAND who are reliable, hard-working, and passionate. There should be elections soon, so LEADERS! Step up to the plate and take the torch from me and Christa for next semester. Rise to the occasion to become a leader of an organization that is part of one of the largest student-led movements in U.S. history! I believe in all of you.


Students for a Democratic Society: (SDS) has invited us to join them on March 20th, the 5th anniversary of the Iraq War, for a protest on campus. This protest will be non-violent. I would also like to point out this is not an anti-Bush protest, but just an anti-Iraq War protest. Details will be coming soon, but if you’re interested in STAND getting involved in this, comment and let me know! I certainly would like to. :)

Act Out For Darfur: I came to this event sick and in a bad mood, but I really enjoyed it. CHAIN Reaction did a great job, and they had an amazing turn out. We need to get advice from them about networking. The poems, songs, spoken word, dances, and skits from people with a heart for Darfur was really inspiring, even if they were just learning about the conflict. I was greatly encouraged, so if you weren’t there, you missed out!

Die-In: So as was probably my fault on account of throwing up all morning and not bringing the signs for the die-in, we will reschedule soon. They’re now taking up all the room in my backseat, just waiting in anticipation. I’m loving it. haha. I’m hopeful that the die-in will still be a success…I love die-in’s.

See you at the meeting tomorrow folks, 5pm Friday 032!

peace and love,

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