Tonight, we received an award for Best New Student Organization on campus!  This is a very prestigious award given once a year at the Student Organization Excellence Awards Banquet.

THANK YOU!  We could never have done it without all of your help.  I want to give a special thank you to people who went above and beyond what we expected.

Michael Smith: always there for the organization.  Your work as treasurer this year was so helpful and I turly appreciate all that you do!

Ben Potter: We’ve pulled a few all nighters together making copies, writing press releases, etc.  I would never have made it through without you.

Others: Scott Koplin, Megan Poole, Brandon Knight, Tara Pressley, Jay Patel, Alex Cruz, Liana Blue, Ashley Reaves, Alyssa Reynolds, Paige Daniels, Sabrina Goins, Angie Niziol, Michael Claiborne, and so, so many others.  You guys are amazing and definitely deserve honorable mention!

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