Darfur Bleeds

Having dabbled in the world of multimedia, I have just been pointed to an amazing organization called Witness. Their mission is to use video and online technologies to open the eyes of the world to human rights abuses. Personally, video advocacy has been something I have wanted to invest in for a long time, but lacked the tools to do so. In this age of globalization and within our generation that is so technology-oriented, I believe this is a very efficient way of reaching people who would never pick up a book about genocide. This realm of advocacy has so far been very limited, but that is why Witness is so great. The Hub, which is within Witness, is the first global platform that is using media to inspire action. This is huge. Here is one of the videos, Darfur Bleeds, that I think is worth seeing because it gives names of the victims of an attack on Jawara. Putting names to the bodies is the first step in restoring their personal humanity.




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3 responses to “Darfur Bleeds

  1. Hi, Rachel! Thanks for the kind words about us and about the Hub. I came across your post via a Google alert.

    I just wanted to give you the heads up that there seems to be a problem with the way the links to us are set up.

    Other than that, great work spreading the word!

    Bryan Nunez
    Technology Manger

  2. Rachel,

    Great blog. I started my blog about the same time as you did. I just graduated from Davidson, up the road from you all. I added you to our links, and you can keep in touch with the current officers by emailing stand.davidson (at) gmail dot com. I recommend browsing the new STAND website, and getting your chapter to all sign in, join up as a chapter, post their photos, etc. It’s a great networking tool. And then you can give a little review of the site on your blog.

    Please keep us all up-to-date on your chapter,


  3. standuncc

    Hey Bryan,
    thanks for the heads up about the links. I’m still working on getting those fixed. It was good to hear from you at Witness, and I will be getting in touch with you soon with a few questions!

    Thanks for the comment and the compliment. I used to visit Davidson every week, and have several friends there. :) I heard when you guys started a chapter there, very exciting! I am no longer the President, a great guy named Ben Potter holds the position now, but you can reach any of us at standuncc@gmail.com. Our chapters definitely should work together this year! I’ll be in Africa starting in August, and will be updating this blog from there. The new website is great, yes, I believe I mentioned it in a previous post. We’ll be keeping in touch!


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