Thanks everyone for making “Party for Peace” a success!

Thanks to everyone who came out to show their support for Darfur. In total donations we raised about $500 which makes us halfway to our goal of raising $1000 for Darfur… in the first month!

Its great to see all the support that we have in the community, and thank you for your generous donations. Yet, we (members of STAND UNCC) would love to see everyone come out to the meetings. While raising money is certainly beneficial there are other things we need to be doing to stop genocide. It would be great to see more people coming to the meetings to find out other ways to help out.

Next meeting is Thursday September 25th at 5 and 6pm (were holding two meetings for people who can’t make one time or the other) in Fretwell 210… Darfur really needs your help, come find out what you can do.

Thanks for your support,


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