Orphans To Ambassadors Meet and Greet

Orphans to Ambassadors

”Orphans to Ambassadors provides disadvantaged and orphaned children the opportunity to rise out of poverty with sustainable education and practices.  The skills, knowledge and abilities that come from developing their own long-term resource solutions empowers children and allows them to become ambassadors of goodwill and sustainability to other children and communities around the world“- Jake Gentry, Founder


This is an amazing opportunity to get involved in something great.  This non-profit needs passionate individuals such as yourself to give your time, love, talents and support to help them change lives and the world.

Volunteer Meet and Greet:

The Orphans to Ambassadors Volunteer team is having an informal event on Thursday, February 17th at 7:00pm in the Community Room (@ 207 N. Dotger Avenue, Charlotte NC 28207) and we would like to meet you.  We’ll hang out and show a short presentation on Orphans to Ambassadors introducing our non-profit and some future projects you can get involved with. 

We want to learn more about those interested in volunteering and show you what our organization is doing for orphanages around the world.

Please contact Jacob Hanks @ Jacob@orphanstoambassadors.org or 336-467-0278 if you can come out or, if you have any friends you’ll be bringing.  Hope to see you soon!”


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