humanitarian aid and disaster assistance cuts!

We’ve just received disturbing news.
The House of Representatives is expected to vote TOMORROW on unprecedented humanitarian aid and disaster assistance cuts.
Just how much is at stake? $1.7 billion of life-saving humanitarian aid are on the chopping block — funding that directly impacts the lives of millions of Sudanese and Darfuri people.

Contact your representative TODAY and urge him or her to vote against these drastic cuts.

Violence in Darfur is on the rise. South Sudan stands ready to become the world’s newest independent country in less than five months. We simply cannot afford to cut aid for millions of refugees in one of the world’s most volatile regions at this time.
Proposed cuts in programs that provide life-saving aid to Darfur and all of Sudan include:
$431,000,000 in International Disaster Assistance
$582,000,000 in Migration and Refugee Assistance
$687,000,000 in the Food for Peace Program
These severe reductions run counter to the United States’ commitment to peace in Darfur and Sudan. Unless funding is restored to these critical accounts that support Sudan, urge your representative in Congress to vote NO on passage of House Bill 1.
Please, take action today to ensure that this critical humanitarian aid is protected.
Thank you for all you do for the people of Sudan.
Mark Lotwis
Save Darfur Coalition
P.S. If these cuts pass the House of Representatives, the fight is far from over. We’ll let you know what you can do as this fight moves to the U.S. Senate. Thanks again for your help — your actions make a difference.

Thank you STANDERS for your commitment to peace and  protection for these people at such a vulnerable time.



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